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Here is a listing of other blogs I read.  I may or may not agree with them, but I read them because I do find them somewhat comforting, they help keep me from feeling so alone.  Some post regularly, some do not, be patient with those who take a break...we are all allowed to step away from the adoption pain every once in a while.

For anyone who finds themselves with an unplanned pregnancy please read some of the blogs below. 

Birth Mother Blogs:

Adoption Critic

Adoption Truth

[Birth Mother,] First Mother Forum


Finding Christopher, Finding Myself


Living Through Today

Living In The Shadows

Monika's Musings

Motherhood Deleted

Motherhood Expunged

Motherhood Revisted

Musing Mother

Musings of the Lame:  Life as a Birthmother

My Adoption Ambivalence

Not Mother

Reunite Is Where It Is At!

Up From the Ash- Dementer's Lament

Writing My Wrongs

The Adoptee blogs help me have some understanding...

Adoptee Blogs:

73adoptee - adoption search, reunion and reform

Always In My Heart: An Adoption Journey

American Indian Adoptees:  Lost Children, Lost Ones, Lost Birds

Assembling Self

Everyone Shut Up, But Me

Insert Bad Movie Title Here

Just What The Hell Ami I Supposed To Call This?

Lost Daughters

My Birth Name Is Allison

Neither Here Nor There...

Out Of The Fog

Real Daughter

Relearning To Fly

The Declassified Adoptee

To Tell The Truth - Please Stand Up

Which Way Is Home?

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