Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today I just want to let go.  I just want to forget about building my client base for work, forget about my Second Daughter's 6th grade farewell, forget about the upcoming ice skating competition, forget about all this childish drama the synchro coach is dishing out, forget about this upcoming trial, forget about this adoption hell.  

Today...I just want to let it all go...just for a little bit...just so I can be me.

But knowing me...this will not be possible.  I'll keep trying to build my client base, I'll attend my Second Daughter's 6th grade farewell and I will cry because she is growing up.  I'll make sure everything is ready for the ice skating competition, I will remind the synchro coach to stop bullying my daughter or she will find my shoe upside her head.  I will quietly relive the memory of a brutal murder to help the victim's family have closure and put the murderer away.  I will continue with the mixed bag of emotions I carry caused by losing my First Daughter to adoption.

Today...I will continue...existing...trying to keep my head above water...

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