Friday, July 8, 2011

Is this some kind of sign??

They say curiosity killed the cat...well, curiosity is driving me up the wall like there is no tomorrow!!

Back in 2006 I received tons of info about my First Daughter and her adoptive family.  I knew the neighborhood she grew up wasn't too far from where I grew up.  She even went to school in the same school district as me and my mother!! 

Okay, so now you get the idea how close to one another we have always been.

Driving down the major roads close to my First Daughter's neighborhood has been something I have always done, even before I knew she was living there.  After I found out where she lived I was a little nervous about driving the roads have taken for years until one day I decided that was silly of me.  I never drove down her street and I never went to see her why should I stop taking the roads I had been driving down since 1986?

Okay, so now you know I have always respected the invisible boundaries.

Yesterday I was driving home, going my normal predictable way.  I end up behind this brand new truck.  I look at the back window for some weird reason and my eyes 'bout popped out of my head and my mouth dropped open.  In the back window was this big company sticker for this construction company.  I couldn't believe it!!  My heart almost jumped out of my chest.  I know I must have crossed paths with my First Daughter in the past and not even realized it, but for the first time in almost 23 years here it was right in front me screaming "Look at me!  Look at me!"

Guessing it was the Adoptive Dad I became really curious.  I was told by a friend of my First Daughter's that we look just alike (except for our chin and eye color) and had the same profile, so I knew I had to be quick about this. I got into the left lane and sped up a little bit, I stayed there just long enough to see who was driving out of the corner of my eye.  To my surprise it looked like it was the Adoptive Mom.  She looked to be about my size and she looked too tiny to be driving such a big truck!!  (I guess this is the reaction I get from people when I drive my husband's full size pick up truck.)  I get my quick peek and I speed up, she suddenly gets behind me and turns left into a Staples parking lot, for a brief second I thought about turning around, but I didn't.

I couldn't believe what just happened so I tried to call my sister to tell her (I had to call someone so I wouldn't turn around) my sister never picked up.  I pulled into a parking lot...across the street from the hospital I delivered her in...and called my Mom.  My Mom couldn't believe it, she said is was God's plan.  I kept asking her what that was suppose to mean and she told me we weren't supposed to know, but she thinks something is going to happen.  Mom did ask if I turned around to follow her and I told her I thought about it and didn't.  She asked why I didn't and I told her I had a huge pimple on my face!!  My Mom laughed and said "Thank God for vanity".  After I got off the phone with Mom I sent a text to all of my friends to let them know, I figured that was the quickest way for me to spread this crazy news.

Later last night I pulled up the website for the construction company.  They apparently moved their location recently and they opened a second location.  I know this is "whatever" information, but it was the second location that made my mouth drop open again!!  The second location is about 15 minutes from my Mom's property out in the country!!  Again I called Mom, told her what I found, she told me that was really interesting and she started to laugh.  I asked her what was so funny.  She asked if I remembered that tornado that went through her property a couple of months ago that tore up some of her barns, I told her I did.  She said my Stepdaddy went to that company to drop off all the torn up metal for them to recycle.  I couldn't believe it!!  I asked her if Stepdaddy remembered who he talked to, she asked and he couldn't remember.  This was getting crazy!!  Mom laughed again and told me it was God's plan, this was suppose to happen.

What is all of this suppose to mean?  My First Daughter's birthday is 15 days away, I know this murder trial I have to be a witness for is happening the week of her birthday, I believe it's to keep me distracted.  Why on earth would I be driving behind the Adoptive Mom now?  Why would they open a second location out in this little country town where my Mom and Stepdaddy live?  Why would my Stepdaddy feel the need to take the torn up metal there?  Does anyone have a clue as to what all of this means???

I'm kind of curious to see what the next 15 days might bring!!


Sunday Koffron said...

all i can say is wow, sometimes in life things come up, or there is an energy that builds up around something, i don't know what it means...but i hope they are good omens.

A Birthmother's Love said...

I'm hoping it's a good sign too.