Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roadblocks Are Like Hurdles

Last night we went to my kept daughter's 7th grade expectation night, she picked up her schedule and id badge.  Looking at her schedule we noticed something wrong, they put her in theater arts for 1st semester and art for 2nd semester.  This is not what she requested...she quit the Synchronized Ice Skating Team to be in track for the spring semester.  So we go to the counselor table set up in the cafeteria.  We dropped the theater arts and requested art for the 1st semester...easy enough.  Track on the other hand was not so easy.  Last spring we were told Track was not a "try-out" sport, I thought this was a little odd, but we figured she would make it either way (this girl has some seriously strong legs).  The counselor told us she will make the adjustments for the Spring semester.

So now that her schedule seems to be settled we go to find her classrooms and teachers.  Things sure have changed since I was in 7th grade back in 1982!!  Seeing all the girls with feathers in their hair was the only familiar thing...okay, our feathers were attached to little "roachclips" and theirs are braided in.  My daughter was focused on finding her classes and it was funny seeing how annoyed she was getting when I would stop and hug my friends.  Ahhh...the joys of teen angst!

We were standing in line to meet my daughter's Math Teacher, a friend my daughter has known since kindergarten was in front of us with her parents.  We were talking and laughing and carrying on.  My daughter mentioned about requesting track and not having it listed on her schedule.  Her friend's dad asked my daughter if she thought she could make the track team if there was a try-out.  My husband laughed and said there was no doubt, thanks to Figure Skating she has the ability.  I laughed because the day before my daughter's private skating coach said that track would be good for her skating.  My daughter said there was no way she would do hurdles, her coach told her she would be willing to bet that hurdles would be her strong point.  I reminded my daughter last night that hurdles were simple, she could jump right over them.  Then it hit me...

Roadblocks are like hurdles.  All I have to do is just get a good running start and I could jump right over that roadblock. I need to remember as I am getting ready for my running start to keep in mind that there are things in my way and if I don't watch out I could trip and fall before I ever make it to the roadblock. 

And now to find out if the apartments I think my First Daughter lives in will accept a FEDex package for her and let her know...without an apartment number.


birthmothertalks said...

I just wanted to let you know that if you do send something send it so you can track it and get news upon delivery.

In Blind Faith said...

I had already planned on making sure I had a tracking number. I went a completely different direction today...The blog will be posted in the morning.