Thursday, August 25, 2011

Strange Behavior...

It has been a long day.  In between facials and waxing, when I would have my few quiet moments I would try to tell myself that Ashley was just trying to figure out what to write.  Well, my boss had this very excited look on his face and asked "Any word yet?".  I told him I was trying to not obsessively check my messages.  He was so excited, you would have thought it was Christmas Morning or something.  So I logged in...nothing...but something caught my eye...

My youngest daughter is also on Facebook, my husband and I monitor it...heavily.  She had posted this "status", I couldn't believe what she wrote, it sounded so grown up.  This is what she posted:

Listen up. if someone tells u a secret its just between u and them not the whole school not your best friend just the person and if they give you permission to tell others than go ahead. but if you tell others than its going to come right back at you and hurt really bad. that includes all the little drama queens and girls that think they are all that well here is some news your not
I knew immediately this had something to do with this girl who has been trying to terrorize my daughter for the last two years.  I emphasize "trying" because this person has not succeeded.  My youngest daughter is one of those who sits back to see how things play out first, she gathers information (wonder where she gets that) about what is going on before she jumps in the middle of any bickering.  She gets along with everyone, she doesn't like to see her friends get hurt and when she needs to she will step up and defend the person who needs defending.  This "mean girl" is jealous and is insecure, she wants what my youngest daughter has.  During the last year my daughter's friends have been doing everything they could to protect her from this "mean girl".  For being a 12 year old, just starting 7th grade I think my daughter has done an amazing job of building lasting, solid friendships with a large group of girls.  I'm proud of her!

Well, my boss saw the posting.  His immediate reaction..."Are they picking on her because she is excited about having an older sister?"  I told him I was pretty sure this had to do with the "mean girl".  He kept carrying on about how these girls are now trying to hurt my youngest daughter because I lost my First Daughter to adoption.  I told him to get over himself.

Why on earth would he automatically assume her posting is adoption related?  She's a 12 year kid, she just started Middle School...there will be drama and it's usually about other girls at school or boys...not about having an older sister lost to adoption.

So my thinking on this is, correct me if I'm wrong, is that my boss will be the one having the nervous breakdown if I get rejected (or constant ignore) by Ashley.  He keeps asking if I have heard anything and when I tell him no he starts to get really upset and he starts worrying it will be bad.  I love my bossman dearly, but seriously.  He needs to believe me when I tell him if I get rejected via facebook I might get a little sad, but I won't give up.  If she tells me to F*** Off in a letter I will probably cry, but I won't give up.  If she shows up at my doorstep and tells me to go to hell I might fall back into that pit of despair, but I won't give up.   Who knows, these will be my emotions to deal with...not his.

BTW - I was correct.  Her posting was because the "Mean Girl" was trying to stir crap up.

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Sunday said...

UGH! 12! Girls! Mean, Mean, Mean! i am glad your youngest is not letting it get to her, but man oh, man can girls be crule!

I hope you hear something soon, for your boss' sake...LOL!