Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things to do: Stare at the ceiling

Still no word on the message I sent to my First Daughter on August 17th.  I am stubborn enough to not give up hope and I have a quirky enough personality to come up with a random list of things to do to help pass the time.  I know as long as I can keep my sense of humor then I should be able to keep from climbing the walls!!

Last week I stared at my boss.  It was a lot of fun for me, even my co-workers joined in.  He knew why I was doing this and he was a good sport about it.

So this week, my thing to do will be to stare at the ceiling in a crowded restaurant, store, or some public place like something is about to drop.  That's right, stare at the ceiling!

Last time I did this was in 1983, I was 13 years old working at Vikon Village Flea Market. I had a friend who also worked there.  We were bored and we had these silly, slimy little octopus' things that you could throw at a wall and it stuck at little and rolled down.  We didn't have a wall to throw them at so we threw them up in the air.  The Flea Market was indoors, inside of a building that was once a warehouse, it had a metal roof and the ceiling consisted of huge steel beams and chicken wire.  We would throw these silly things up in the air and catch them.

At some point I threw mine up too hard and it landed on the ledge of one of the steel beams.  My friend and I kept looking up calling "Come on, jump!"  We kept doing this, we didn't realize what kind of scene we were causing.  People were stopping and looking up.  They had no clue that this ridulous little octopus was barely hanging off the ledge, instead they thought we were messing with them.  A lot of them would walk off shaking their heads and smiling...crazy kids.

Things to do:  Stare at the ceiling.  This should help keep me occupied for a little bit.


Jenn said...

This. Is. Awesome.

So funny! I tend to make things to keep myself busy. Anything that has to do with keeping my hands busy.

I tried Scrapbooking (had minor success), made a memory book (had a lot of success), and wrote a journal (by hand). My new thing is retail therapy but it's not helping my wallet. I think you're method of killing time is probably more budget friendly. I might give it a try!

In Blind Faith said...

My list of things to do has grown quite a bit since last week and most of them are budget friendly. I'll do another one for next week since I'm guessing I still will not hear anything back.