Friday, September 30, 2011

It was NOT God's plan

Religion is something I normally don't talk about.  I'm not a "religious" person, I have faith and I carry God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in my heart.  For me this is something personal, so I do not discuss it.  

Last year within a 6 week period I had three different people approach me...asking if I was ready to reborn, my response to them was I was born 40 years ago.  They asked again and I would reply that I do not think my mother would appreciate giving birth to me again when I am full grown.  Two dropped it, but the third continued, telling me I didn't understand and I told her I did understand and God and I are good.  

I was very irritated, I called my Minister and told her what had happened.  She laughed (not at me, she was laughing at the arrogance of these people) and she told me she could see me drop to my knees with my hands up in the air saying "Lord, please save me...from this insane woman" (yes, this is something I would do).  The third woman who constantly tried to beat me over the head with a bible was my boss.  After this incident I told her she was a lunatic who gave Southern Baptist people a bad name and I quit.  

Again, I do not discuss religion.  I have my views, you have yours.  I respect your views and I also expect my views to be respected.

I prefer to call my husband an extreme Agnostic, with a touch of Atheism.  Religion is something we do not discuss, it's a mutual respect thing.  He doesn't give me grief when I go to Church and I don't give him grief when he is still asleep in bed on Sunday morning.  

My husband loves a good debate and one of his favorite arguments is religion.  There was a Mormon man he use to work with.  This man kept trying to "convert" my husband.  My husband tried to let it roll off because he did like this guy and he had to work with him.  Well, my husband had enough one day.  He ended up in a huge debate about religion, by the time it was over with my husband had this man so rattled he was now questioning his own belief.  Needless to say, this man never brought religion up again with my husband...they are still friends.

So now you know, don't start talking religion to me.  Only my childhood Minister and my current Minister are allowed to preach to me.  I am good with God, thank you.

When I tell people my story of losing Ashley to adoption I get a lot of different responses.  Most people just don't know what to say, they usually say the first thing that pops in their heads.  I know a lot of them mean well, but some of the responses rub me the wrong way.

"It was God's plan" or "It was God's will"

My response "I am so sorry that your God is so cruel and hateful"

So you guessed it, this is the number 1 response that irritates the fire out of me!  I do get this response a lot because I do live in the Bible Belt.

You see, the God I believe in is a loving, caring God.  He did not give me the ability to conceive and give birth to Ashley for someone to take her away from me.  Only a hateful and cruel God would separate a mother and child...

oh wait...

wait a minute...  

It's not God that separates Mother and child, it is the greedy, power hungry, self-righteous people who separate a Mother and her child. 

Dumbasses.  It's not God making this happen, it's the human race.

This post is not intended to offend the people who have different religious views than me. I do believe that most religions have the same goal, it's just taught differently.

If I offended the people who honestly believe losing my First Daughter to adoption was God's plan then you can get over it and stop forcing your cruel and hateful religious views down my throat!

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Anonymous said...

This is exactly what my son's adopters have convinced him of; that I was supposed to suffer for the rest of my life so they could all gain and low and behold, GOD WILLED IT. The tragic part is that he actually believes this nonsense. There is no god whom allows adopters to gain at the expense and suffering of a mother and HER child. Anyone who claims that this is true is a narcissistic prig...